Lithuania is a green and flat land in the north of Europe, ashore the Baltic Sea. It is one of three Baltic countries, and shares borders with Latvia, Byelorussia, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad). Lithuania is member of European Union with country population of 2 848000 inhabitants (year 2018) and are of 650 200 sq. km. Climate ranges between maritime and continental – average temperatures are +24 C in July and -3 C in January. Country has 4 seasons here – summer, autumn, winter and spring


More and more visitors discover Lithuania as a destination for a health treatment and medical tourism. General practice and diagnostics, odontology, plastic surgery, SPA and rehabilitation centers attract clients from all of the World. Level of medicine and doctors in Lithuania is in very high standards and Lithuanian clinics are welcoming every year more and more patients from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, USA and other countries. The Lithuanian Medical Chamber strictly regulates plastic and aesthetic surgery in Lithuania, our surgeons hold a relevant medical license. We are proud of highly qualified doctors and medical personnel, modern equipment and infrastructure, international certifications and accreditations. Our doctors are always welcome in foreign countries to do difficult surgeries and also as lectors in medical universities

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If you are tired from civilization, you only need to go away from the big cities. The country is full of preserved natural landscapes, woods, lakes and rivers, and has an unique sea side, with Curonian split, a sandy peninsula, isolating the Curonian sea from the Baltic sea.

If you are urban person, you will find lots of things to do in Lithuanian’s big cities – museums that have accumulated huge collections, national and private art galleries, the never – ending buzz of theatre and music halls, fascinating night life, sport events etc. Not to mention the national dishes and drinks, what must be tasted, if you like to come home with new experience.

If you really want to know Lithuania, you must first begin to get know its people. The most of them are very helpful and hospitable. You would feel in this country like at home