Holidays in Lithuania
We can provide you with personalized offers for unique, extreme or romantic activities and tours, depending on your preferences
In Lithuania's forest you can meet deer, foxes and even bisons
Our website provides information only about the top tourist attractions that are favored by most of our guests. However, just let us know your interests and we will surely customize your trip to suit all your needs
Keep in the mind that we have 4 seasons and some of activities can be done by special weather conditions
Discover traditional Lithuanian dishes in a romantic setting, all the while watching the sun go down into the Baltic sea
We have local birds like storks and swans. Most of them are leaving Lithuania early autumn and voyage to south countries or Africa continent. They are back early spring and spending summer time in our country
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Lithuania is a rather small country that gives you a unique opportunity to see a lot of beautiful places and try out many different activities within a short period of time. Enjoy a delightful breakfast in the capital city of Vilnius while admiring the magnificent skyscrapers or the Gediminas Castle. 

For lunch, take a hot air balloon over Kaunas City and relish in the vistas of the confluence of the Neris and the Neman, the two largest rivers of Lithuania. As for dinner, why not consider our offer and spend the evening in Klaipėda, the pearl of the Lithuanian seaside? 

Curonian split is an almost 100 km long 3-4 km wide thin strip of land in the Baltic sea. Half of it belongs to Lithuania, and another half to Russia. This area is protected by UNESCO. Get some smoked fish from fishermen village called Nida, rye bread and local beer (some of the non- alcoholic ones are also great), dress well and get a blanket. The best spots are not directly on the beach, but up on the dune. This way you can have a great view! Chin-chin! This is one of the greatest views you are going to have alongside your meal.

Parnidis Dune is one of the highest dunes in the world and unique place. The dune is 52 m high, and you can see both the Baltic Sea and the Curonian lagoon from its top. Right on the top of the dune, next to the view point, you will see the sun clock.

Hot air ballooning is very romantic and also very popular spot in Lithuania. By the way Lithuania is worldwide famous for possibility to fly over the cities! No other country could offer you a hot air balloon flight over UNESCO inscribed capital or mesmerizing Trakai island castle.

We can present the only one flying restaurant in the Baltic States and the second one in the whole Europe! It is truly unique synthesis of a hot air balloon flight and the delightful menu selected just for you by one of the greatest chefs in the country Mr. Vytautas Samavicius. Take a flight on the largest and most modern balloon in Lithuania, enjoy a wonderful meal and we promise this will be best dinner you have ever had!

Lithuanian cuisine features products suited to the cool and moist northern climate of Lithuania: potatoes, rye, beets, greens, berries and mushrooms are locally grown, and dairy products are one of its specialties. Cepelinai (zeppelins) – potato dumplings stuffed with meat, mushrooms, or cheese, often garnished with fried minced onion and bacon or sour cream. Lithuanians like to eat soups (usually served with traditional  black rye bread or potatoes) before the main dish.

Rose-colored šaltibarščiai cold soup dominates over hot soups in summer. Traditional Lithuanian dessert is the šakotis (large circular branching structure similar in taste to German Baumkuchen). It is a cake made of butter, egg whites and yolks, flour, sugar, and cream, cooked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire. You MUST try unique Lithuanian traditional food!

Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania located in the center of Europe which is both contemporary and ancient, rich in architecture, historical monuments, culture heritage, thematic festivals and entertainments. Vilnius is the fastest growing capital in the Baltic States, aspiring to become the most attractive political, business and culture center between Lithuania neighbor countries. There are many picturesque places to see in the city. To begin with, the Old Town is one of the largest ancient heritages in Eastern Europe. Its buildings were erected in different centuries so a very impressive ensemble of various architectural styles, like gothic, renaissance, baroque, classicism and even post-modernism, is composed. It should be meant that the Vilnius Old Town is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  What is more, spectacular views of Vilnius opens from the hill where the majestic Gediminas Castle is located. If a visitor prefers admiring beautiful views inside having nice lunch, the highest tower of Vilnius , a TV Tower is always welcoming visitors in its restaurant called Milky Way, a perfect observation platform at the height of 165m.

Trakai Island Castle is located in small historical city Trakai and surrounded by lakes. The old town of Trakai – which is extremely popular with the residents of Lithuania and foreign guests – is situated west of Capital Vilnius between the hills, forests and lakes. The shores of the peninsula on which it is located are washed by the waters of lakes. This town, famous for its picturesque landscape and the legendary Trakai Castle, was a cradle of the Lithuanian statehood, an important military and political centre, headquarters of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the capital of Lithuania. Today, Trakai attracts visitors to a wonderful place offering refuge from a hectic city life, with walks around the beautiful area or yacht trips on one of the numerous lakes. Trakai is also known for the Karaimes (a people speaking the Turkic language), who have lived there since the 14th century and have preserved their traditions. The kenesa – a Karaime sanctuary – and houses of Karaimes have survived in Trakai, and the national dishes (the most popular is kybyn – a small pasty stuffed with minced meat) of this ethnic group can be tasted at the Karaime Restaurant.

Toboggan trails and indoor skiing are attracting not only children but also adults who can enjoy winter sport during summer. Toboggan trails seduces you to slide down the hill and feel new, thrilling emotions. It is open all year round. The track is 500 meters long with 5 turns, a springboard and a loop. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy ride!

Indoor modern skiing center is opened all year round, so it means that even outside we have +30C, inside we still have minus and SNOW! This is unique place to feel winter during summer. Full equipment for skiing you can rent right here in the sport center. You MUST try it!

While traveling around the world every tourist is curious to see the beauty of any country not only from the ground but also from above. It does not matter if it is a fortress or a castle tower or just a simple hill. Everyone tries to climb a bit to the beauty of any visiting site. 

In Lithuania we have around 20 observation tower, the highest of them is 45 m. high and has amazing view to river Nemunas bends. These tower are perfect for visiting all around year and view will be always different – colorful autumn, white winter, green and sunny summer or bloomed and fresh spring.

Modern shopping centers and malls in Lithuania if even they have most popular brands in the world are not only for shopping time. Here you can spent all the day watching movies in cinemas, ice skating (yes! Ice skating in shopping mall) or watching sharks in big aquarium. Here is also paradise for families because of huge activities for children. Shopping can be fun!

Sailing in Lithuania is very popular because of Baltic sea, Curonian Lagoon and lot of lakes. Sailing with modern sailing boat can be romantic, adventurous depends on place and weather conditions. Best time for mild sailing is between May and September. In every case sailing will bring for you unforgettable experience. If you are fishermen deep in your heart and would like
try fishing in Lithuanian lakes or Baltic sea we will organize it for you.

Sailing in Lithuania is very popular because of Baltic sea, Curonian Lagoon and lot of lakes. Sailing with modern sailing boat can be romantic, adventurous depends on place and weather conditions. Best time for mild sailing is between May and September. In every case sailing will bring for you unforgettable experience. If you are fishermen deep in your heart and would like try fishing in Lithuanian lakes or Baltic sea we will organize it for you.

Kayaking and canoeing in the rivers is very popular 1-2 days activity. At that moment when you are trying with all your strength not to capsize in a rapid river, the spirit of the conqueror and discoverer becomes especially strong. You feel like a discoverer when you set your eyes on the sand dunes or  like when you cruise past the current shrubs showing red on the banks, when you pick handfuls of blackberries. Nice trip often is combined with tasty barbeque lunch, hot sauna after all the day and night stay in typical village house with fireplace, traditional dinner and Lithuanian breakfast – boiled eggs, crepes and cup of tea or coffee.

And a lot more things to do here – in Lithuania! Just touch a snow, scuba dive in the lake, create your own chocolate or just spend relax time in one of luxuries hotels with amazing SPA treatments